Below is a list of programs that may financial aid and opportunities for future research partnerships.

Note: U.S. Citizenship required for all positions.

Faculty Sabbaticals

Opportunities for college/university physics faculty on sabbatical leaves to join the ESPL Research group. Contact Dr. Carlos Calle at 321-867-3274.

Research Associate Positions are awarded to applicants who hold the PhD, ScD, or other earned research doctoral degree recognized in US academic circles as equivalent to the PhD or must present acceptable evidence of having completed all the formal academic requirements for one of these degrees before tenure may begin. Applicants must have demonstrated superior ability for creative research.

Senior Research Associateships are awarded only to applicants who have held the doctorate five years or more at the time of application or to persons who hold a permanent appointment in academia, government, or industry and have research experience that has resulted in significant contributions and recognition as established investigators in their specialized fields. Awards to Senior Research Associates are usually for one year, but awards for periods of three months or longer may be considered..

Opportunities for graduate students majoring in physics, astronomy, or space sciences to join the ESPL research group for up to 3 years.
Opportunities for students gain work experience while completing their academic studies.
Opportunities for undergraduate students majoring in physics, astronomy, or space sciences to work in the ESPL for 10 weeks during the summer.
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