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Electromagnetic Theory/Maxwell's Equations

Physics Tutoring: Electromagnetic Waves
Physics Tutoring:Electromagnetic Induction
Electromagnetic Waves
Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
Welcome to Maxwell
Java Applets on Electromagnetic Theory and Optics


ESD Journal Links Page
Institute of Electrostatics Japan
Electrostatics Page at Cyberclassrooms
Electrostatics Demos
Electricity at Murcia University
PHY 3054 - University of Florida
Applied Electrostatics Research Centre at U. of Western Ontario

Electricity/Electronics/Electronic Instrumentation

What Is Electricity?
Introduction to Electrical measurements
Nano-Microscopy Links
Electricity Online
Acronyms of Analytical Instruments


Charged Particle in Uniform Magnetic Field
Magnetic Formulas
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum
The Electromagnetic and Visible Spectra
Electromagnetic Radiation
NASA Observatorium


Quantum Optics and Atom Optics Links
Optical Society of America

Condensed Matter Physics

Ames Laboratory Condensed Matter Physics Group
Online Journal of Condensed Matter Physics

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
APS Division of Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter E-print Server
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Theoretical Division (LANL)

Condensed Matter Physics from About.com


Classical, Quantum, Nanoscale & Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics Educational Sites
Encylcopedia of Thermodynamics
First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

Planetary/Space Science

Malin Space Science Systems
Lunar and Planetary Institute
NASA Astrophysics Data System

Elementary Particles

Learn about Elementary Particles
Sub-Atomic Particles
Particle Adventure

Famous Physicists/History

Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities
Pictures of Famous Physicists
Nobel Laureates in Physics
Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901-2000
Physics Time Line

Center for History of Physics
Physical Science Timeline
Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics

General Physics

Physics Timeline
Physics Applets
Interactive Physics with Math and Java
American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
The Virtual Laboratory
The Net Advance of Physics
Physics Lessons by Science Joy Wagon
Board on Physics and Astronomy
Institute of Physics
Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST
Physics List

General Science

SciTech Daily Review
The Scientific World
The Royal Society - Science for All
Scirus - for Scientific Information
A Dictionary of Units

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